Life after dental insurance. by Pierce Mellors-Selman

I used to pay my dentist around $35 each visit. Today I paid him nearly $200.

As a new member of Canada's unemployment population, I'm forced to ask myself: Do I really need my teeth?

In a scenario where all of my teeth rot away, I figure I can probably still chew things like moist muffins, beef patties, and well-cooked pasta with only my gums. 

I'll simply have to put to rest my dreams of becoming a model in a toothpaste commercial. 

Everyday is a weekend, especially Mondays. by Pierce Mellors-Selman

Because I'm unemployed.

You know when you wake up on Monday morning and hate your life? You know how everyone goes on about how much they detest Mondays for this reason? Generally speaking, Monday gets a pretty bad reputation.

Did you know it's really Saturday's fault? Yup, it's true. You know when you go out late on Friday night and sleep in on Saturday? You've successfully nudged your internal clock when you woke up late. You likely do it again on Sunday, too. You know when *you* go out late, and *you* do it again? You see, it's really *you* that's the problem. Don't blame Monday. Today is Monday, and I didn't leave my bed until 2:34 PM. My Mondays are bliss.

Anyway, I don't have a job - that's what I was trying to get at here. And it's a little scary. No money coming in, only money going out. And it can, and will eventually, run out unless I do something to prevent it - so, my goal now is to focus on my creative outlet, photography, and convert that to my main source of income. And I plan to do it in Barbados. You see, my mother is from Barbados. This means instead of messing with visas, I can more easily gain the legal right to earn an income in their country by acquiring citizenship - a process also made more simple by the fact I'm a direct descendant of a natural-born Bajan. 

The photographer in me loves the idea of exploring a new place. I lived in Vancouver for three years, and that experience is really what brought focus to this idea of giving my eyes new places upon which to feed. Barbados seems like a great spot to let the eyes feast. 

I intend to use this space mainly to document the progress of my transition from living in Canada's largest city to living on a Caribbean island whose population rivals that of a small, Toronto suburb. But intentions can be flimsy, so I may also use this space to rant about some of the minutiae of my day-to-day life. I may even post a music video or six. I don't really know. Just come along for the ride, will you?